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5 Piece Pilates Training set

5 Piece Pilates Training set

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Introducing the 5 Piece Pilates Training Set by Nomad Training Gear – your gateway to a comprehensive Pilates regimen. Crafted with a blend of PP, NBR, PVC, and latex materials, this set is designed to enhance your Pilates journey with precision and efficacy.

Key Features:

  1. Yoga Magic Circle: Elevate your floor exercises with the Yoga Magic Circle, measuring 38x3.5cm. This tool intensifies your Pilates routine, targeting muscles including thighs, chest, arms, and pelvic muscles.

  2. 25cm Yoga Ball: Crafted from high-grade explosion-proof PVC, the yoga ball adds versatility to your workouts while ensuring safety with its anti-burst construction.

  3. Stretching Strap: Measuring 150x15cm, this latex strap is your go-to companion for toning, strengthening, and rehabilitating various body parts. Tailored for both men and women, it supports core, upper body, lower body, legs, and arms exercises.

  4. Yoga Belt: Enhance your yoga and Pilates sessions with the 183x3.8cm yoga belt. Made of durable and thicker cotton, it facilitates slimming the abdomen and refining various body parts like waist, arms, and legs.

  5. Small Yoga Ring: A versatile essential for yoga enthusiasts, the small yoga ring offers durability and practicality, adding depth to your yoga sessions.

With four colors to choose from and an array of tools meticulously designed to amplify your Pilates experience, the 5 Piece Pilates Training Set is your ticket to a more refined, effective, and transformative workout routine.

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Customer Reviews

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Jordi McDermott

It has arrived relatively quickly and in very good condition very happy with the seller.

Donnell Schumm

5 Piece Pilates Training set