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Golf Swing Hitting Mat/Net Sets

Golf Swing Hitting Mat/Net Sets

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Elevate your golf practice and improve your swing accuracy with the comprehensive Golf Swing Hitting Mat/Net Set. Designed to cater to your indoor and outdoor practice needs, this set is an essential tool for both beginners and seasoned golfers.

Precision and Performance in One Set

Featuring a Golf Swing Hitting Mat and a Golf Chipping Net, this set offers a versatile training experience. The Golf Swing Hitting Mat is crafted with precision using high-quality rubber and flannel material. It not only provides an eco-friendly and durable surface but also allows you to analyze your swing trajectory by leaving a visible mark on the mat.

Multi-Target Accuracy Enhancement

The Golf Chipping Net boasts three targets at varying heights, allowing you to gradually enhance your accuracy and golfing skills. The deep side pockets effectively catch any missed shots, ensuring a hassle-free practice session.

Convenient Portability and Storage

Both the Golf Swing Hitting Mat and the Chipping Net are designed for portability and convenience. The mesh material of the Chipping Net is made from sturdy and wear-resistant nylon, supported by a foldable fiber support rod. The collapsible design and included carrying bag make it easy to take your practice on the go, whether you're indoors, on the balcony, or in your courtyard.


Golf Mat:

  • Material: Rubber
  • Size: 30 cm * 60 cm / 11.8 in * 23.62 in (approximately)

Golf Square Chipping Net:

  • Color: Red, Black
  • Size: 82 cm * 68 cm * 60 cm / 32.28 in * 26.77 in * 23.62 in

Package Options:

  • 1 Set Golf Swing Hitting Mat
  • 1 Pc Golf Chipping Net
  • 1 Set Golf Swing Hitting Mat + 1 Pc Golf Chipping Net
  • 1 Set Golf Swing Hitting Mat + 1 Pc Golf Chipping Net + 3 Pcs Golf Balls (available in different combinations)

Elevate Your Golf Practice, Elevate Your Game

Experience improved accuracy, enhanced swing trajectory analysis, and convenience with the Golf Swing Hitting Mat/Net Set. Invest in your golfing journey and watch your performance soar to new heights.


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Kennith Roob

Product is exactly as described, and delivery was before scheduled. Very pleased.