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Hamstring Curl Strap Door Anchor

Hamstring Curl Strap Door Anchor

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Upgrade your hamstring training with the Hamstring Curl Strap Door Anchor, featuring advanced adjustments and stability for a more effective workout experience. This innovative accessory is designed to provide optimal support and stability, allowing you to perform Nordic hamstring curls and other exercises with confidence.

Upgraded Bilateral Adjustment for Ultimate Stability

Experience superior stability during your Nordic hamstring curls with the Hamstring Curl Strap Door Anchor's bilateral adjustment feature. With adjustable straps on both sides, this design forms a stable triangular force area that enhances stability compared to single-strap alternatives. The inclusion of two 2" Diameter Steel Buckles on each side ensures a secure fit with a maximum load capacity of 390 lbs, preventing any slipping and allowing you to execute full Nordic curls successfully.

Soft and Stable Door Anchor Design

The door anchor is crafted from PVC and covered with foam, ensuring it won't damage your door while providing a soft and stable anchor point. The extra-long 11.8" design allows for anchoring on each side of the door, enhancing the stability of the Nordic curl movement. This thoughtful design contributes to a more robust and effective workout.

Complete Package with Knee Pad & Instructions

Your comfort and safety are priorities. The Hamstring Curl Strap Door Anchor comes with a 0.79" soft and thick knee pad to protect your knees during your workouts. The two adjustable straps allow you to find the perfect level of tightness for your needs. Strengthening your hamstrings is crucial, especially for athletes and sprinters, to reduce the risk of injuries. This strap makes an ideal gift for your family, friends, and loved ones who value their fitness journey.

Train Anywhere, Anytime

From beginners to advanced athletes, the Portable Nordic Strap is versatile enough for various exercises such as Nordic curls, hamstring curls, sit-ups, core training, and Russian curls. By promoting sprint speed, hamstring hypertrophy, eccentric strength, and injury prevention, this strap becomes an essential tool for home, office, gym, and travel workouts.

Affordable Nordic Setup

Say goodbye to uncomfortable foot placements under squat racks or costly equipment purchases. The Hamstring Curl Strap Door Anchor offers an easy, cost-effective solution to perform Nordic hamstring curls effectively.


  • Material: ABS foam webbing
  • Size Chart: 29cm/11.42inch

Elevate Your Hamstring Training

With the Hamstring Curl Strap Door Anchor, you can achieve a stronger, more resilient lower body. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a fitness enthusiast, this accessory will revolutionize your hamstring workouts and contribute to your overall fitness success.



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