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INNSTAR Resistance Band Gym

INNSTAR Resistance Band Gym

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If you're looking for a comprehensive and efficient way to enhance your strength training routine, the INNSTAR Resistance Band Gym is here to meet your needs. This innovative gym set comes in four different variants, each designed to cater to varying resistance levels, ensuring a customized workout experience for users of all fitness levels.


  • Camo Red Set (36KG): Bench Press Resistance Level - 80 LBS, Squat Resistance Level - 55 LBS
  • Camo Blue Set (48KG): Bench Press Resistance Level - 105 LBS, Squat Resistance Level - 70 LBS
  • Camo Green Set (69KG): Bench Press Resistance Level - 150 LBS, Squat Resistance Level - 100 LBS
  • Camo Brown Set (90KG): Bench Press Resistance Level - 200 LBS, Squat Resistance Level - 135 LBS

Premium Raw Material: The resistance bands are crafted from high-quality Malaysian natural latex, renowned for its exceptional durability, corrosion resistance, and excellent ductility. This material ensures that the bands maintain their elasticity and performance even with prolonged and rigorous use.

Comprehensive Workout Components:

  • Detachable Workout Bar: Included in all sets for added versatility and workout options.
  • Workout Handle: Each set includes two workout handles, designed for a comfortable and secure grip during various exercises.
  • Ankle Straps: Included ankle straps allow you to target leg and lower body exercises effectively.
  • Foot Bands: These bands add another dimension to your workout routine, enhancing versatility and providing a full-body workout.
  • Door Anchors: Safely anchor the resistance bands to doors, expanding the range of exercises you can perform.
  • 20 Pages Workout Manual: A comprehensive manual is included with each set, guiding you through a variety of exercises for a well-rounded workout.

Choose Your Challenge: Whether you're a beginner or an experienced fitness enthusiast, the INNSTAR Resistance Band Gym offers a range of resistance levels to suit your fitness goals. With a combination of bench press and squat resistance levels, along with various workout components, this gym set provides a complete and effective strength training experience that you can enjoy in the comfort of your own space.

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Customer Reviews

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Herminio Mitchell

The product doesn't look so out of hand and feels pretty classy.

Madelyn Greenfelder

With the seller did not, talked. The functionality corresponds to 99%. And the neck is better from aluminum.

Kianna Schuster

very good. same as photo, great quality. thank you. communication with the seller was great and he was very informative.