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Counting Jump Rope

Counting Jump Rope

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Upgrade your cardio routine with the Counting Jump Rope, the perfect fusion of technology and fitness. This jump rope isn't just about jumping – it's about optimizing your workout and achieving your fitness goals more efficiently.

Handle Weight Design for Accelerated Fat Burning

Experience the next level of fat burning with our innovative handle weight design. Every jump becomes a chance to torch calories and sculpt your body. The 360-degree anti-roll-up design ensures smooth and uninterrupted workouts.

Intelligent Countdown for Precision Workouts

Witness the power of chip technology with a built-in 60-second countdown. This intelligent feature keeps you on track and focused, making your workout sessions more effective than ever before.

Real-time Fitness Monitoring at Your Fingertips

Monitor your progress in real time with the high-definition intelligent display. Stay informed about your workout data, including calories burned, weight, time, and counting. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions for your fitness journey.

Premium Features for an Elevated Experience

Our Counting Jump Rope features an anti-break wire rope, ensuring durability and longevity. The non-slip ABS handle provides a comfortable and secure grip, even during intense workouts. Adjust the rope length to suit your preferences and optimize your jumping experience.


  • Handle Weight Design
  • 360-Degree Anti-Roll-Up Design
  • Chip Upgrade with 60-Second Countdown
  • High-Definition Intelligent Display
  • Anti-Break Wire Rope
  • Non-Slip ABS Handle
  • Adjustable Rope Length

Elevate your cardio game with the Counting Jump Rope – your partner in achieving faster fat burning, improved endurance, and precision workouts. Take control of your fitness journey with technology that delivers results.

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